Victoria Carrage

A lovely traditional style victoria carriage that seats 4 adults comfortably. The carriage's dark green colouring makes a stunning contrast against lighter wedding attire such as the brides dress.  Top down is our favourite way to travel.  However, in inclement weather you have the option of putting the top up creating a romantic atmosphere to cuddle up in.

White Landau Carrage

Our lovely traditional landau carriage that seats 4 adults comfortably.  On fair days the landau can be open topped allowing full benefit of its open views.  In inclement weather a full roof can be pulled into position fully protecting the occupants.  The landau is city carriage of luxury type. The low shell of the landau was designed for maximum visibility of the occupants and their clothing.  Landau's are often used for Royal ceremonial occasions.  More recently the wedding of Harry & Meghan, the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex.

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